Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust features smooth and creamy meringue pies, stuffed with sweet fruits and layered with buttery crust and whipped cream. Mr. Meringue features the classic lemon meringue pie,  bursting with tart lemons and encased with crunchy graham cracker crust. Ms. Meringue delivers a perfect housewife combination of tart sweetness, featuring sunkissed strawberry meringue pie with just a kick of lemon zest, all folded together with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream. Uncle Meringue features a delightful doozy of a flavor, featuring a tart and zesty lemon meringue pie, topped with a dollop of creamy rainbow sherbet.  Enjoy subtle creaminess and zesty citrus in this bold and flavorful lineup from Charlie’s Chalk Dust!

Flavors Include:

  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mr. Meringue
  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ms. Meringue
  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust Uncle Meringue
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Charlie's Chalk Dust 3 Bottle Pack

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Charlie's Chalk Dust Mr. Meringue

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Charlie's Chalk Dust Ms. Meringue

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Charlie's Chalk Dust Uncle Meringue

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