CNDY delivers a blend of e-liquid that screams that there is never enough candy, nor ever a wrong time to have your choice of sour sugary confection. Sour Strawberry takes a plump sweet strawberry, dunks it in sour syrup, and dusts it with sweet cane sugar crystals. Sour Watermelon features chunks of vine-ripened watermelon rolled in sour sugar crystals, whereas Strawberry Watermelon delivers candied chunks of summer sweet watermelon and sun-warmed strawberries, sans anything but the perfect nostalgia of summers past. Close your eyes in sweet candied fruit heaven and let your hazy vapor clouds take you away in a dreamy happy euphoria.

Flavors Include

  • 1x 100ML Bottle of CNDY Sour Strawberry
  • 1x 100ML Bottle of CNDY Sour Watermelon
  • 1x 100ML Bottle of CNDY Strawberry Watermelon

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