Ahhh breakfast clouds, the most important vape flavors of the day. And what better way to enjoy them with the sweet and creamy &Milk line? Cookies &Milk features a soft and warm oven-fresh cookie and with a tall glass of fresh-squeezed banana milk, while Donuts &Milk delivers a freshly glazed hot donut with an ice-cold glass of blueberry milk. And Loops &Milk is the perfect nostalgic flavor of Saturday morning cartoons washed down with a happy breakfast of cereal loops and milk. Enjoy creamy milky clouds with the childhood cereal favorites, and let your clouds take you back to happy memories of yesteryear, compliments of the delicious &Milk lineup!

Flavors Include:

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&Milk 3 Bottle Pack

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&Milk Cookies

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&Milk Donuts

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&Milk Loops

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